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I haven’t posted in a while because … I’m behind at school … I’m busy … I’m spending my spare time on other hobbies … et cetera

the recent tragic events at a school that could’ve been my own or my children’s makes everything else seem pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things – thinking empathetic thoughts for the parents, students, and community in Newtown, Connecticut



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Small things …

Tonight, two former students randomly contacted me to ask for help with math. They both graduated high school at least five years ago but apparently thought of me when they needed help. One still lives locally wants to meet me at school tomorrow during my planning to help prepare for the GRE math section. The other called me once from the Super Bowl to thank me for helping get him there; he had gotten a job a few years after high school graduation that used basic/minimal math (redesigning the layout of large retail stores or something like that) and was doing well enough that his boss gave him tickets as a reward. Several years later we reconnected again via social networking, he thanked me again for helping him earn his ‘first million;’ he’s now a small business owner (not to mention happily married with kids) in a state far away from here. He’s finally getting around to finishing a degree and wants help in college algebra or a similar class.


Now I remember yet again why the daily grind is worth it … I just hope I’m forging the same kind of connections with some of my current students and just need a little more time to pass before I realize it …


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