Talk about jumping on some bandwagons …

My wife is pretty awesome (no, that’s not the bandwagon I want you to jump on …). She probably got the idea for this from Pinterest, but we discussed, modified, and created a version to use in our classes. It beats having the kids write some basic facts on an index card or buying the ‘about me’ sheets from a teacher store.



Most of the first two days of school will be occupied with students taking a ‘how much Algebra 1 do you remember?’ pre-test and then scoring it themselves to analyze strengths and weaknesses before we begin the review. I like to include review at the start of each class and hope that this pre-test will help most of them realize why I feel review is necessary (or show me that it isn’t!).



During one of the first math department meetings of the year, we decided to use a pre-test in Algebra 2. I made this one, and I really started liking the idea after deciding to design the key in such a way that students can grade it for themselves and hopefully reflect on the results.

I’ve also modified a game that wife is planning on using during this first week; I figure it’s about the closest to a ‘party game’ activity as I can do. I write a two-digit (or three-digit?) numbers on paper and tape them to students’ backs. The students’ goal is to figure out the number on their back by asking their classmates ‘yes or no’ questions. Students have to cycle through the class a few times asking questions (and mixing/mingling in case they don’t already know each other). The hook is that questions can only be answered with the word “maybe” and you are supposed to use inflection, body language, non-verbal cues (except head shakes/nods), etc. to communicate whether it’s maybe yes or maybe no. The students will have until the following song completes to come up with a guess for their number:

Of course, this song has been a huge hit this summer inspiring all sorts of shenanigans on YouTube. I think I’ll use this version from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as it adds to the silliness. I will probably come up with some sort of sheet to help them track their questions and then we’ll have a discussion about which questions seem to be more or less helpful. This will hopefully lead into why there are names for different types of numbers (natural, even, odd, prime, multiples, etc.). I will edit to include the form for the “Here’s My Number, Guess Me Maybe” game when I produce one.

I know this is a little late for the official Sunday posts on ‘first day of school’ and “#Made4Monday” but oh well …

to recap:


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3 responses to “Talk about jumping on some bandwagons …

  1. I really like your Algebra review tests – but scribd won’t let me see them. Apparently they are marked private?

    • sorry everyone – I use for ‘cloud storage.’ It’s somehow tied to in terms of viewing, but the documents were private as you guessed. They appeared to embedded correctly to me (since it involved my accounts). I’m obviously still learning how to use a lot of these features … let me know if it’s still broken

  2. Kelley

    I really like the fakebook activity but is costs so much to do scribed. is there another way to get the template?

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