Birth of a Logo

Just in case anyone is curious (and so that I’ll remember), the logo was made using only readily available software.  GeoGebra provided the backbone of sketching a function (something like y = 0.2x(x^2 + 3)sin(x)) and the tangent at ‘point A’ and played with scaling until I got an image that I liked. I grabbed a screen-capture (alt+prtsc), pasted into Microsoft Paint, and cropped/zoomed. The title was added by inserting the image into Microsoft Word and then overlaying WordArt.  I’m sure that this isn’t the most efficient means of creating a logo image, but I’m mostly self-taught and do not have any ‘fancier’ programs. I’ve used skills like these repeatedly to create images for presentations and such.


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2 responses to “Birth of a Logo

  1. So excited to find another math teaching blog!

    • I feel that way once or twice a week, and it’s really starting to snowball on me. I’m somewhere in the vicinity of 250 blogs subscribed to in my reader; I know Google gives me access to millions and millions of possible resources, but it’s even more overwhelming to try to keep daily tabs on a couple hundred. However, it’s worth it as I know it will make a difference in my teaching. This idea seems awesome and should help introduce those of us not already actively participating online to the amazing community that has developed.

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