Well here I am talking to myself …

After several months of stalking reading other math education blogs, I’ve finally started my own. I’m not expecting this to become anything grandiose and will probably average about a post per week (maybe more … maybe less … who really knows at this point). The preliminary plan is for this to be a literal “blog;” a web log or journal reflecting my thoughts and opinions at that particular moment in time in response to postings I’ve read at sites or circumstances from my own classroom experiences. Eventually, someone may find something here that helps them and that would be awesome as I know that I have seen a lot of good ideas on blogs that started similar to this one. I went into teaching to ‘pay it forward,’ and I suppose these efforts are now a part of my attempt to help others be as successful as possible.

For those of you who stumble upon this in its primitive stage, forgive the mess.  I made a couple simple webpages back in the late 90s (I was learning HTML for a class), but I’m sure it will take a while to get use to this format or medium. Also, I tend to indulge in stream of consciousness and random ramblings. Acknowledging this aspect of my writing helped me finally decide on a title for the blog.

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